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How to Cut Costs with ISO Manufacturing


When considering a new company to take on your manufacturing projects, there are many important aspects to evaluate before making a selection. How quick is their turn around time? How much money can they save you? How reputable is their company? How efficient is their design and production process? Three letter can help clear a lot of those concerns up...ISO. ISO 9001 is a set of standards that help companies who do a lot of design or customization achieve cost effective and quality assurance methods.  

While the benefits of ISO 9001 certification and implementation are going to cary from company to company, there are some universal benefits to be gained.


  • Better Management Control and Reporting Allows Constant Quality Measurement 

Having a greater understanding of how the organization works also means shorter training times, clearer communication and accountabilities, and significant reductions in product development time and customer complaints. With informed decisions, quick actions and efficient systems, ISO certified companies are able to save you money by working faster without compromising quality, while increasing your turn-around time.


  •  Decreases Defect Rates

Let's face it, defects do happen, but through the ISO quality management systems, the processes and integrity of corporate procedures are strictly being controlled and monitored. These mechanisms ensure the defects and weaknesses in the process will be corrected immediately and at a lower cost. Through this, the products being rolled out in the market are made based on the highest standards required by ISO 9001.


  • Instills Internal Discipline

No matter what process controls a company has implemented, without the discipline to follow what was put into place, it will be difficult to achieve success. Argo's main goal when obtaining its ISO certification was to become disciplined in continual improvement and demonstrable structure to work towards achieving the highest quality efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  • Identifies Practices That Are Obsolete or Inefficient
One key benefit of ISO certification is that it helps to identify ineffective market rules or ISO operational practices and recommends changes to improve wholesale competition and efficient market outcomes. By constantly learning new, more efficient practices and procedures, we are able to apply those to your projects, saving you more money.  

  • Improves the Consistency of Output
What is consistency? Well, one way to think of it is "decreased variation". Reducing the variation in our processes is the definition of consistency. Our customers are better served by supplying them with a consistent product - same dimensions, same weight, same tolerances, same output every time. Control comes from having a clear target to shoot for, collecting data on the process, and understanding how to adjust the process (procedures and work instructions) to maintain the target output. 


So what does it mean to be ISO 9001 certified? It is not just a badge to be worn; it is a set of standards to be followed. It means listening to our customers and providing them with efficient manufacturing and consistent quality products; it means working hard to save our customers money and following the ISO quidelines to build a competitive company in a global economy.

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