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Wire Forming Services

  • 5 – Six Axis High Speed Robotic CNC Wire benders ranging in capacity up to 5/8" diameter material
  • 3 – Two axis high speed robotic CNC wire benders & butt welding machines ranging in capacity up to 1/8" diameter material
  • Greater than 5/8" diameter on other machinery

Stamping Services & Value Added Services

  • Over 60 – Presses ranging from high speed automatics to large bed blanking/drawing presses
  • Up to 800 Ton Capacity with Bed Size to 48" X 72"
  • Secondary operations including flattening, piercing, drilling / reaming, threading, chamfering, swaging, and clinching

Welding Services

  • Seven (7)– Six Axis Robotic Pulse MIG Weld Cells
  • Seam tracking
  • Spray-arc & Touch Sensing capabilities
  • Electric Resistance Spot Welding Capacity up to 300 KVA
  • Weld capability including Cold Drawn Steel & Stainless Steel

Assembly & Coating Services

  • Specialty Assembly
  • Integration of Subassemblies
  • Kitting
  • Pick & Pack Services
  • Packaging (Standard, Custom, and Returnables)
  • Coating Services including painting, plating, overmolding, plastisol dip

Argo Products Company

Founded in 1932, Argo Products Company is committed to being the leader of low cost, high quality fabricated metal products with unparalleled timely delivery. Starting over 80 years ago as a manufacturer of air moving products ranging from fan guards, fan blades, to complete consumer fans, we have evolved into a contract manufacturer inside a 75,000 sq ft. world class manufacturing facility.

Today Argo produces CNC wire forms, Roboticly welded assemblies, stampings, resistance welded ...

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Why People Choose Us!

A Few Reasons Why People are Choosing Us!

By using ISO 9001 standards, combined with lean manufacturing, cellular manufacturing, the 5S principles and a dedicated work force, Argo Products Company will meet your requirement demands.

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