Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Versatility and low cost. Argo's decades of process optimization adhering to lean manufacturing and IS0 9001 certified principles yields low cost products, flexibility, and speed of response... be it concept design, prototypes, or finished products.

Yes. Argo has over 80 years of experience and more than 80 stamping, wire forming, and welding machines to produce production part volumes. Our technical Engineering & Production staff does this every day using cost effective programmable machines, universal forming dies, and custom hard tooled equipment.

Meet or exceed customer requirements, continually improve, be the preferred supplier, and comply with ISO requirements.

Financially Argo is privately owned, debt free, and a positive going concern. This is further qualified by our outstanding D&B rating and most favorable position in the Financial Stress Classification.

Argo Products Company has an experienced staff with average tenure of over 15 years per employee.

Argo continually focuses to produce product Just-In-Time (J.I.T.) to reduce costs. Argo's inventory turns is on average greater than 10.

Argo services many markets. Our top 5 are Lawn & Garden, Agricultural, Wire Stack Chair & Furniture, Medical, and Transportation. No one customer compromises more than 20% of Argo's revenue.

Argo products will conduct any required test to ensure quality. Proactively when possible and during process when necessary. This includes in house or outsourced Rockwell Hardness Tests, Tensile Tests, Weld strength tests, optical/Dimensional Comparison, Coordinate measuring machine (CMM), free ARM CMM (Romer), Verification of Certificates of Conformance (C of C), etc.

Argo has over 70 Stamping & Value Added machines, 20 Wire Forming machines and 12 Welding machines.

Through the execution of certified ISO 9001 principles; we use many world class quality improvement tools including measuring, analyzing and acting on statistical process control (SPC) data from our processes.

To name a few, Argo measures production scrap, rework, production cost variance, purchase material variance, and overall cost improvement.